Gas Boiler Flues

New legislation came in to force at the end of 2010 requiring properties with fan assisted room sealed gas fired boilers with enclosed flues to have access provisions made so that boiler flues can be inspected. They will also probably need to have carbon monoxide alarms fitted.

This applies to properties that were probably built before the year 2000 although this is not exclusive. If such access hatches have not been installed then gas engineers will have the authority to shut down the boiler, and formerly advise occupants and owners not to use it the in future. This power will come into force in January 2013.

The legislation applies to any flue that is enclosed within a void, duct or in a ceiling space. If any part of the flue is not accessible for inspection then some form of access hatch to allow inspection will need to be provided. We all haved time to put our boilers in order to meet this requirement if they need it!

For further information we recommend that you contact the gas safe register on:


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